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Real Time Crappie with Brent Algeo and Humminbird 360!

Brent Algeo: Fine tuning your Side and Down Imaging

 Humminbird Pro Tip:

HB Solix Users 

Try slowing the 360 Speed down to the slower settings (1 or 2) for great results!​​

 Set Range "Past Cast"

If you are throwing crank baits out to 80', set your sweep range to 90-110'. Stay ahead of the game!  

BWMPS Quick Guide to Humminbird Fish Finders and the amazing 360 Imaging Transducer!

Brent Algeo: Learning your electronics - Off the water!

Page Content Courtesy of Humminbird®, Johnson Outdoors, Inc., and Brent Algeo


We've broken down a screenshot of 360 Imaging to help you make sense of what you're seeing.

A - Boat Location - Located in the center of the screen/rotating beam

B - Beam Location - Travels up to 360-degrees around the boat

C - Water Column - The dark circle surrounding your boat shows the water below your boat

D - Flat Terrain - Neutral shades of amber

E & F - Rising/Descending Terrain - Light-to-dark and dark-to-light shades of amber indicate changing depth

G - Cover and Structure - Objects rising from the bottom appear as a shape with an adjacent shadow, whose length indicates the object's height

Link to Johnson Outdoors Website

 Professional Angler

​  Brent Algeo 

​ gives us the inside track on the

 amazing Humminbird 360!

Link to Humminbird 360 Imaging Page

Featured Product

Ask us about installing one on your boat!

Watch Brent's quick 360 setup & introduction to interpreting sonar returns!